"The Great Alternative to Glass" – Lighter, Stronger, Safer

Acryform is our unique brand of slumped acrylic sheet that we manufacture as a great alternative to slumped glass. It look so similar, is stronger and yet lighter and easier to handle.

  • It can be used in interior or exterior situations, for residential or commercial fit outs.
  • It is difficult for the practiced eye to differentiate between slumped glass and Acryform.
  • This lightweight material can be cut to any shape, bent/curved, drilled & fabricated.
  • It’s ideal for privacy screens, bar fronts, dividers, pool fencing, balustrade and signage.
  • Company Logos, three dimensional embossed graphics, lettering, murals and many other creations from the designer’s imagination can be embossed for stunning eye-catching results.
  • Lacquers, enamels, sandblasting and vinyl for lettering and graphics can make a logo or lettering really standout.
  • Acryform has the optical quality of glass and illuminates magnificently.  

Acryforms is most popular in the glass like colour of “Marine Tint”, and also comes in super clear acrylic and coloured acrylics.

Hamilton Australia can also assist with a range of glass fixings - stainless steel standoffs, balustrade brackets, wire rope systems etc

Acryforms most commonly used patterns are shown below.

Wave*  /  Dreamtime*  /  Lowtide* *specifically designed for applications that require a flat profile (eg splashbacks).

We can also provide a custom designed texture on request.

Examples of our work.