Environmental Policy

Safety & Environment
Safety is a serious issue at Hamilton Australia whether it is about our processes, our products, the safety and health of our employees and our customers.

Our environmental concerns also include energy-efficiency and recycling waste.

Hamilton Australia commits itself to the position of being a sustainable supplier of plastic products
by embracing an integrated long-term approach towards environmental protection, social equity and economic prosperity. We strive for continual improvement while maintaining the highest performance and quality of its products and services to our customers.

Environmental & Stewardship
Our performance regarding air emissions, water and energy consumption, scrap/waste production during all the stages of our production is supported by the improvement objectives we set under our environmental strategy.

Sound, progressive environmental management of all business activities is fundamental to our Company.

For this reason we make the following commitments:
•              Full compliance with legal and moral obligations towards the environment.
•              Continual improvement and innovation in the management of environmental issues.

In order to achieve our commitments, we will:
•              Make the management of environmental issues an integral part of the objectives and targets to which the organisation and its people will strive to achieve.
•              Ensure leaders actively promote and encourage responsible environmental practices at all opportunities.
•              Encourage participation and feedback from all of our stakeholders.
•              Provide all necessary resources for the effective management of environmental issues in our business.

Environmental management is a team effort. It’s up to everyone in our business to participate and play their part. Everyone in our business has the responsibility to achieve our commitments.

For more details contact the Hamilton Australia team.