Dangerous Goods Storage

Hamilton Australia is an authorised distributor of the world leading Justrite brand of dangerous goods storage cabinets. These cabinets help protect workers, reduce fire and environmental contamination risks, and improve productivity.

Justrite safety cabinets come in a large range of sizes from 15L through to 350L cabinets.  Larger cabinets and customised cabinets can also be produced.
In addition to full compliance with Australian Standards, Justrite cabinets are certified and approved by Factory Mutual, (FM is a worldwide insurance standard) the only cabinet on the market in Australia with this approval.
As a performance standard, cabinets are exposed to a series of fire rated tests and are required to control heat transfer over a prescribed temperature and time frame while maintaining structural integrity.

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EcoPolyBlend™ DrumSheds

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EcoPolyBlend™ Spill Containment Indoor/Outdoor Caddy.

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Storage Lockers

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Cabinets are available for the storage of a range of substances:

Class 3-
& Combustible Liquids

Class 5.1 -
Oxidising Agents

Class 5.2 -
Organic Peroxide

Class 6 -
Toxic Substances

Class 8 -
Corrosive Substances