Hamilton IB Integral Scrubber Unit

The "IB" range of fume scrubbers is designed specifically for the Hamilton range of fume cupboards. The "IB" scrubber provides an efficient but compact solution for removing acid fume from the air-stream prior to the air entering the ducting and discharging into the atmosphere. Optimum performance is obtained by ensuring full coverage of the filter medium with high-pressure spray nozzles, which effectively dilute the acids. Hamilton incorporates a demister pad, which minimises the quantity of the air born particles.

Whilst designed principally for use with perchloric and hydrofluoric acids, "IB" scrubbers can be adapted to suit many other scrubbing applications. The unit is normally supplied as a recirculating model in two parts.

The scrubber is mounted above the fume cupboard chamber, and the recycle/neutralising tank is mounted under the fume cupboard in the support cabinet. However, if required, on smaller cupboards it can be supplied as a "Total Loss" type scrubber module. The upper module features the following:

High efficiency scrubbing pads
Mist eliminator blades
Injection moulded polypropylene full cone sprays
Flange for direct mounting to the fume cupboard outlet
Clear PVC viewing panel to allow inspection of the sprays whilst in operation
Sizes to treat 200l/s to 1500l/s are available