Hamilton Australia – working on all three LNG plants at Curtis Island, Queensland!

Our workers are currently working on the laboratory fume cupboards at all 3 separately owned liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects on Curtis Island, near Gladstone.

By the end of this year, QGC will become the first of three LNG plants to start exporting to Asia, closely followed by the Australia Pacific LNG and Santos GLNG plants.

The coal seam gas, which is trapped methane in coal seams hundreds of metres below ground, is to be piped to the island from wells in Western Queensland. Once the gas reaches the island, it is then liquefied to reduce its size by chilling it to -162C.

Once the three plants are operating, about 24 million tonnes of LNG will be exported each year, about 10 per cent of the world market. That's expected to give Queensland about $600 million a year in royalties, and once added to the estimated royalties from the other two operations, the state could rake in $1.8 billion a year.

Certainly a great location to work.