Esco Ductless Fume Cupboards

Personal protection is provided in a manner similar to conventional fume hoods by drawing air at a controlled rate across a front opening into the hood. Ductless fume cabinets have many advantages over conventional fume hoods::
Cuctless "Esco" Fume Cupboard

•    Energy savings since air which is costly to air-condition or heat is not removed from the laboratory.

•    They protect the environment since toxic fumes are not released to the environment unlike conventional fume hoods

•    Fully installed systems ready to operate are available at a lower cost than bulky conventional fume hoods

•    Ducting and external fan is not required

•    Mobile and can be relocated easily; perfect for schools and education institute.

•    Ductless fume cabinets provide operator and environment protection from toxic vapours, gases and fumes.

•    Air is drawn into the cabinet via a fan that flushes the entire work zone of the cabinet. Within  the main chamber of the cabinet negative pressure is maintained to ensure that no chemical fumes or vapours escape the work zone.

•    Air is then taken through a pre-filter and an activated carbon filter mounted in the interior. Seven different types of carbon filter are available to suit the needs of a lab. Optional HEPA filers are also available. The filter remove fumes from the exhaust air stream. The ductless fume cabinet can be remotely exhausted to the external atmosphere via an optional airtight hard ducting system.

•    Industrial-grade main body and dress panels are constructed from electro-galvanised steel.

•    The unique electrolytic zinc coating on the steel provides an additional barrier of protection against corrosion and rust as compared to conventional uncoated cold-rolled steels in order to maximize the service like of the cabinet.

•    All parts are finished in a specially selected, abrasion resistant thermoset powder coating process that is both environmentally friendly (compared to conventional paints) as well as resistant to common disinfecting chemicals.

•    Permanently lubricated direct drive centrifugal blower (s); energy efficient external rotor type design reduces operating cost; industry exclusive backward-curve motorised impeller design guarantees better airflow uniformity, lower noise and lower overall energy consumption.

•    Built-in solid state variable speed controller (s) (infinitely adjustable from zero to the maximum setting) with built-in RFI and noise filters is superior to conventional "step" controllers.

•    Chemical and abrasion resistant stainless steel work surface will never chip. Lip at front edge of the work surface contains spills in the work zone. Curved front edge minimizes airflow turbulence and improves user comfort.

•    A large range of models and sizes are available – contact Hamilton Australia for more information.