Modulaire Fume Cupboard

The Hamilton "Modulaire" fume cupboard was developed for heavy industrial and university use, where high chemical resistance and longevity are required. The design of the "Modulaire" range of cupboards is the result of over 50 year’s experience Hamilton Australia has in the laboratory equipment industry.

product_modulaire_sash"Modulaire" fume cupboards:
•    Are fully compliant with the latest standards AS/NZS2243.8 "Safety in Laboratories Fume Cupboards", AS/NZS2430.6 "Specific Occupancies Laboratories and Fume Cupboards…", and AS/NZS3000 "Wiring Rules".

•    Have a one-piece "picture-frame" type aerodynamic front fascia enhancing smooth air flow to the inner chamber minimising the air turbulence and enhancing containment so as to help create a safe working environment for the user.

•    Should be matched with a Hamilton chemical exhaust fan and duct-work to ensure quiet and efficient operationly.

•    Sash - the "Modulaire" boasts a unique smooth sliding 6mm thick toughened glass, counter-balanced sash that slides 'silently' on specially extruded runners. These runners are much more robust than PVC or nylon sash runners and enable extremely smooth, trouble-free operation for the life of the cupboard. The Glass can be coated with a clear vinyl film to stop discoloration when using Perchloric Acid.  Other sash materials available are: Polycarbonate - uPVC - Acrylic

•   Inner Chamber - each Modulaire has a one-piece moulded inner-chamber with radius corners to prevent entrapment of contaminants.

•    Baffles - designed to ensure complete scavenging of the work-chamber at low, medium and high levels whilst maintaining an even, average face velocity through the sash opening. Hamilton's standard three-level baffle arrangement allows complete scavenging of "heavier than air fumes" whilst allowing complete washing of the rear of the baffles if required while the fume cupboard is operating. The unique arrangement does not allow any wash-down liquor to dribble or leak onto the work surface. Baffles can be made from a range of materials to suit the laboratory needs - solid grade laminate, solid epoxy, uPVC,  polypropylene or stainless steel

•    Work Surfaces - a wide range of work-surfaces are available – fixed or removable. Options include 16mm thick solid Laboratory Grade Laminate, Solid Laboratory Grade Epoxy (25mm fixed or 16mm lift-out) u PVC, PVDF, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Heat and Chemical resistant ceramic tile

•    In-Built Scrubbers - when coupled with the optional Hamilton "IB" range of integral scrubbers these cupboards are ideal for use with Perchloric and Hydrofluoric acids.

•    Bench Mounting & Underbench Storage - are available as either bench or floor mounted models. The cupboard is designed to purposely overhang a "standard" 750mm wide bench/support cabinet to allow operation without obstruction.  Floor mounted fume cupboards are supplied with height adjustable feet.

•    Sinks - Hamilton offers sinks in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be made from Polypropylene, 316 grade Stainless Steel Sink, Ceramic, Solid Laboratory Grade Epoxy, uPVC,

•    Lighting - all Hamilton cupboards are designed to achieve a minimum of 400 lux at the work-surface

•   Fittings - Laboratory fittings (eg gas, water, vacuum etc) are supplied in epoxy coated DR brass for chemical and corrosion resistance. In situations where distilled water or ultra-pure waters are required, moulded PVC, Polypropylene or PTFE fittings are used. Where wet or dry services are requested, the fume cupboards are supplied pre-plumbed using PTFE lined stainless steel braided hoses between the service outlet and the corresponding remote control valve. Colour coded nylon tube with brass compression fittings are available and offer a good cost effective option on all services except inert gases.

•    Carbon / Hepa Filtration - Hamilton Australia can provide a wide variety of Carbon and HEPA filters to suit various applications where a clean discharge into the environment is required.

•    Sizes – the dimensions of our standard arrange is below, however we can custom manufacture to meet your needs:

ModelWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
1200 Single Sided12067501500
1500 Single Sided15067501500
1800 Single Sided18067501500
2000 Single Sided20067501500

•   Other options – a number of other special options can be made available.

For more details on these products contact the Hamilton Australia team.